Fahad Javed
GIFT University

Sialkot Bypass

About Me

I am a fellow at Harvard's South Asia Institute and assistant professor in the Computer Science department at GIFT University. My research is focused around smart grids, specifically on anything to do with demand side management. I believe that demand side management is the need of the hour for the world in general and developing world in particular. More details of what we are doing in this domain is on my research page.

I am currently at Harvard University for the SAI fellowship. My main focus here is to build the narrative to support policy makers ,particularly in Pakistan, to make better decision in incorporating smart grids technology.

Before joining GIFT I completed my Ph.D. from the department of computer science, school of science and engineering LUMS. My research in my thesis centered on constructing a demand side management framework for energy management in a city or region.

My passion, aside from research, is teaching. I believe that the teachers have the ability to mold the character of their pupils. I see this as a responsibility on my part to develop honest, confident and able citizens from the students that I teach.

Time Line

  • August 16 2016 Onwards
    South Asia Fellowship at Harvard University
  • August 1 - 7 2016
    Research and Development exchange visit at Cardiff University
  • June 2014
    Awarded grant of US$25,000 by International Food and Policy Research Institute's Competitive Grants Program to conduct research on socio-economic what-if simulation on energy sector
  • Sept. 16 2013
    Joined GIFT University as Assistant Professor
  • Sept. 9 2013
    Successfully defended my Ph.D. dissertation
  • Aug. 2011
    Started work as team lead SESB
  • Dec 2009
    Erasmus Mundus scholarship visit to Italy and Sweden
  • Dec 2008
    Presented first paper at IWSOS
  • Aug 2008
    Defended proposal
  • Aug 2007
    Passed Qualifier exam
  • Aug 2006
    Joined LUMS MS leading to Ph.D. program
  • Mar 2006
  • Aug 2005
    lectureship in University of Karachi
  • May 2004
    Business solution consultant in TRIRIGA, Las Vegas, USA.
  • Dec 2003
    Graduated from Arizona State University (Cum laude)